Property & Business Interruption Losses

When disaster strikes, a quick effective response is just what you need to stay in business.

While your Insurers will instruct a Loss Adjuster to represent their best interests, it pays to have an independent loss adjuster on the case to represent yours.

Towergate Assist is an insurance policy that covers the costs of an independent loss adjuster to help with the preparation, negotiation and settlement of your material damage and business interruption claims. It ensures the process is handled quickly, fairly and without unnecessary stress.


Providing support when you need it most

Where the claim is over £5,000 (and within the terms and conditions of the Material Damage/Business Interruption policy) Towergate Assist will:

  • Provide a dedicated loss adjuster to deal with both Material Damage and Business Interruption Claims.
  • The loss adjuster will personally visit you within 24 hours of your notification of the loss (normally sooner)
  • Arrange interim payment from insurers where necessary to maintain the business cash flow
  • Arrange temporary premises and equipment to enable trade to continue, subject to insurer approval
  • Prepare a fully valued inventory for all correspondence with Insurers
  • Coordinate builders, surveyors, decorators etc as required
  • Work in conjunction with your own accountants to formulate a loss –of-profit claim for Business Interruption claims
  • Negotiate the best possible settlement to which you are entitled under the scope of the underlying insurance policy.


Having a Towergate Assist appointed loss adjuster at your side, when a large claim occurs, will help ensure you are treated fairly and removes the hassle of a major claim.

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