Transport Insurance

At Richard V Wallis we understand that haulage fleets require extra help in protecting their biggest assets which are their vehicles and their drivers. For this reason, we are proud to have access to a market that is a specialist in this area and only deals with a select few brokers.

This specialist market has many different offerings that can be tailored to each individual haulage company. As you would expect some haulage companies need more help in protecting or reducing fleet claims cost than others and that is why every haulage operator should speak to one of our account executives now. They can put together an exclusive insurance program to help reduce not only your claims costs, but introduce you to fuel saving technology and reduce your vehicle maintenance costs by getting your drivers to be more focused with the daily challenges they face on the road.


  • Three-year driver improvement program, which provides each driver with feedback on his or her driving knowledge and skills and helps you monitor new employees’ performance.
  • Greenroad Telematics systems installed with a large proportion of the cost being funded by insurers. This gives live time results on your driver's performance, location and hazardous manoeuvres, crucial to any haulage operator who needs to improve its adverse claims experience or save fuel costs!
  • Vehicle accident packs and first aid kits supplied which helps reduce fraudulent third party claims.
  • Front-facing cameras available, which again provide crucial evidence to prove who was at fault in the accident.
  • Vehicle decals supplied such as "If you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you".

The above benefits are just some of the facilities we have available from one of our providers who specialise in the transport sector. Not all haulage fleets will fit this facility, hence each haulage contractor's needs are carefully assessed by our account executives to make sure you receive the right support from your insurers for your fleet.

If you require a little extra help in reducing your haulage fleets insurance costs, call us now on 0121 778 5751 and speak with one of our account executives about some of the specialist facilities we have that can help save you around 10 per cent in fuel and maintenance costs per year. Alternatively click below to request a quote.